Saturday, March 13, 2010

Important Fund Raiser to Save a Precious Life!

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Over the years there have been many news reports I've come across of young children (and older ones) needing life saving cancer treatments. Somehow they've all touched my heart. I've given when I could, but this little girl is someone that I've grown deeply fond of. She's the niece of a friend of mine. Her name is Leiryn Stanley & she's just 2 years old.

I first heard of Leiryn's story when her aunt, Michelle, bought one of my pink glass lampwork hearts. She said that she knew the perfect person for it, her niece Leiryn, who has a thing for anything pink and what little girl doesn't love hearts?? I was touched to think that one of my hearts could brighten the day of someone undergoing such a struggle!

I was a bit perplexed at why someone would purchase a glass heart for someone so young, but at the time, Leiryn had recently been diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma. An amazing little girl, Leiryn has already undergone several rounds of chemo in the hopes of shrinking the tumor to a manageable size. Against all odds, this tiny little angel has fought a battle with remarkably few perceptible side effects thus far, but her battle is not over. At the conclusion of this last round of chemo, the plan was for her to be able to get a stem cell transplant and radiation to fight her cancer.

Unfortunately, though Leiryn has been fighting a valiant battle, her doctors have agreed that her cancer is not responding even close to how they hoped it would. The transplant and
radiation are not even an option right now. Though she's made huge strides, it is simply not enough.

The plan of action at this point is to do 2 more rounds of chemo. This is chemo that is in trial right now for pediatrics and not covered by insurance. Currently it is being used to treat adult 'solid tumor' cancers, but has been tested in pediatrics for the last 4 years or so. Once completed a decision will be made as to where they stand and how to go forward. There aren't very many options left.

The family had planned a fund raiser for tomorrow, 3/14 some time ago, but considering the cost of this new experimental chemo treatment, the fund raiser is much more urgent now. Please, if you are in the Canton, MI area and can attend, the fund raiser will be held:

Sunday, March 14, 2010
Time: 5:00pm - 8:00pm
Location: 8611 Ronda Drive, Canton, MI 48187 (The Skating Station II)

If you can't make it, and would still like to contribute, there are alternatives. You can go to any branch of 5/3 bank and give to the "Stanley Family Benefit Fund", under the
name "Charles Stanley", or go to PayPal and send money to

If nothing else, please send up a prayer for this beautiful little baby girl. Her aunt Michelle & I have become close friends and I cherish this little girl as though she were my own family. I'm honored to have been named an honorary auntie of this precious little girl. I beg you to do what you can.

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Michelle said...

Auntie Lea, you're the best.