Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday's Treasures - La Bella Luna

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Evelyn of La Bella Luna for this week's artisan spotlight. Evelyn is a very talented jewelry artisan who specializes in all things silver....silversmithing, PMC, etc. Let's get to know Evelyn better!

1. If there’s one thing that defines you, what is it? Me?- as a person?- I would have to say the word would be earnest. I'm very honest and really care about my work. I try VERY hard. It's my personality. Sometimes it's a bit of a curse, but it's how I've always been.
My work?- that's a hard one. All I can tell you that I design every piece that I make with my own personal sensibilities. By that I mean I absolutely have to like it myself. I follow my instincts and if something doesn't please me I take it apart and re-work it till it feels right. Hard to explain...
I asked some friends what they thought. One said "vintage meets modern", one said "clean" and also "arts and crafts or craftsmen" (as in the design movement- think Stickley). I agree with all of that, too.

2. What role does your family play in your art? I was always encouraged by all of my family. My father and my grandfather (paternal) were mechanics. They also had very clever creative streaks. I must have been influenced by that. I love tools, fabrication, figuring things out, and of course design. My husband is a photographer and so he is a wonderful source of inspiration and support (he bought me my kiln as a surprise gift!) Not to mention he helps me with the great photos of my work!

3. Where do you live and what is it like? I live in Windsor, Connecticut, my hometown. The neighborhood I live in now was built in the 1920's. We still have a few neighbors who are originals around here! There are lots of artists and creative people. It's a lovely community. There are sidewalks and a lot of people walking all the time. The town center is a few blocks away. We really like it here.

4. Where did you learn to craft or are you self taught? I've always made things, all my life. I now work primarily in precious metal clay- and my first experience with that was at Lis-el Crowley's studio, Art and Soul, which is here in town. Lis-el has been a great teacher and mentor for me. She is an accomplished metal clay artist, and I am fortunate to be associated with her. I have also been certified through the Rio Grande program. That involved a three day intensive workshop to learn more advanced skills. I continue to take classes and workshops whenever I can. I read all the time, too. Always looking to learn new things.

5. How long have you been working at your craft? Well, as I said, it's always been part of my life. I remember making jewelry as a kid. But the real serious stuff started about 4 years ago. And then I started full time with the jewelry business about a year ago.

6. Where do you receive your inspiration, in general? My inspiration is visual. I see things all the time (sounds like that movie... The Sixth Sense!) Seriously, though, I will see something- could be anything- and an idea will pop into my head. I carry a little pad with me and I make sketches. I belong to the Precious Metal Clay Guild, and they have a publication called Fusion. In every issue they have a feature called the "Visual Trigger Challenge". They print an abstract image, and challenge readers to design a piece based on it. I mention this because it's a good analogy for the way I get inspired. It's the Visual Trigger.

7. What is the best piece of advice you can give other artists? Oh, I know. It would definitely be- Do what you think is best! By that I mean follow your own muse. Don't let others steer you around. It's YOUR art!

8. If you won a thousand dollar craft shopping spree, what would you spend it on? Oh man. Wouldn't that be sweet? Let's see- a torch, a jeweler's bench, a flex shaft, a bunch of PMC, sheet silver, tons of wire... have I spent a thousand yet? Stones, gadgets, tools, tools and more tools!

Here are links to where you can find Evelyn's beautiful creations:



La Bella Luna Jewelry said...

Thank you very much for featuring me! I am honored.

Beadwright said...

Hi Lea. The art of Evelyn is beautiful. The links are broken though. Anyway I couldn't access them.

Lea Avroch said...

Not at all Evelyn! Your jewelry is really outstanding!

And Nicole, thank you so much for pointing out the broken links. They should be working now.