Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ready for Summer?

Pin It I know I am! Well, after spring of course. :-) Winter really takes it's toll on me. I'm for sure more of a warm weather person, which is reflected in a lot of my work. I try not to plaster my designs here on my blog, but this style bead is one of my favorites to create. It reminds me of the ocean and ocean waves. It's available now on Etsy. Grab it up if interested. They don't tend to last long. :-)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

It's Show Time - 7th Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal!!

Pin It Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Hop Parties are always a good time, but I really enjoyed getting to know my partner, the super talented Skylar Bre’z of Brising Beads. So I was very anxious to see what goodies awaited me. I received a plethora of beadie delights from her leaving me many options. 

What to do? What to do? It seemed like she knew me though we had never met. I'm an ocean loving girl so the turquoisey blues really spoke to me, but there was that beautiful Ammonite and the lovely sepia toned vintage cab that she made. They looked like they were meant for each other. So off I went...and here's what I've come up with. I decided on bead embroidery and since there was lots going on already I used a simple cord with 2 of my boro beads on each side of the pendant for balance. What do you think? I can't wait to wear it!

And this is the soup I sent her. I can't wait to see her creation!

If you'd like to join on the fun next time, check out Lori's blog for details. 

Please join me in visiting all the other participating blogs to see their creations:

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Art Bead Love Chain

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The Art Bead Love Chain has arrived in NY! It's a fun round robin type project to spread the love of handmade components to new and exciting places. A chain was chosen to attach beads to symbolizing our connection to one another in unison in support of handmade.

Art Beads should be handmade by an artist, and not mass produced. Remember, the focus is on replacing handmade with handmade, and beads/components taken should be replaced with beads/components that are made by an individual artist - not an organization. 

Congrats Rochelle!!

It is so important that the quality of the beads be maintained, so we can keep the Art Bead Love Tour alive. We want to share consistent quality with the next winner. 

 If you make your own handmade beads or components, it's a great way to get your beads into the world for people to try them out, or, if you hoard collect art beads it's a great way to share your collection and get some new additions as well. 

Former Keepers of the Art Bead Love Chain:

Love My Art Jewelry
Lorelei's Blog
Shaiha's Ramblings
Jen Judd Rocks
Silver Rose Designs
My Life Under The Bus
Ex Post Facto Jewelry
Beading Mommy
Alice Dreaming
Pretty Things
Moobie Grace Designs
Suburban Girl Studio
Devine Designs Jewelry
Chinook Jewelry Designs
Genea Beads
Keepsakes by Kristi
baubles, beads, & other curiosities
Artfully Ornamental
Lamplights Crafts by Renetha

Creative Designs by Cheri
Amazing Designs by Marlene

And now the chain is in my hands: LA Jewelry Designs - Lea

HOW IT WORKS: (Please read the entire post before entering!)

1. The winner of the chain will be allowed to take up to 30 beads from this chain. They will then replace each bead they took with another handmade bead, charm, or pendant of equal quality.

2. The winner will post pictures of what was taken and what was added, in order to keep an account of the chain's progress and to keep our followers drooling. Please be sure to give credit to the bead artists as well (if you know them).

3. The winner will then have a giveaway, just like this one, to keep passing the chain on and on. Rules can be copied and pasted from here.

4. When you repost your giveaway (remember you can copy and paste from here) - a list should be added to show where the chain has gone. Ultimately, this will end up a very long list!

5. Chain must be shipped to its new home via Priority Small Flat Rate box with delivery confirmation. Please package it carefully.

6. There will be a button on the Love My Art Jewelry website, where it all started, that links to the current blog and giveaway. This way the Love My Art followers can have another chance to win it!

7. You MUST exchange your beads and have your giveaway completed within two weeks of receiving the chain.

Please, please, please, if you cannot adhere to the above rules, do not enter the giveaway at this time. It will go on and on and you can always enter at a later date. There will be a button on the side bar of the  Love My Art Jewelry  blog so that you can track where the chain currently is.


1. You must have an active blog to enter.

2. Leave a comment below. Make sure your email is linked to your blog or leave it in the comment. Entries without emails will not qualify.

3. Share on Facebook, Twitter or your blog for extra chances to win. Leave a comment for each way you share, with a link if possible.

4. Winner will pay shipping and will be billed through PayPal. Package to be shipped via small priority flat rate box with delivery confirmation, $6.00.

5. Open only to our readers in the United States due to problems with tracking and shipping overseas (sorry).

The winner's name will be drawn on Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Crystal Jewelry Inspiration

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If you like bling, and who doesn't??, then this book is for you! Crystal Jewelry Inspiration from the Create Your Style Ambassadors, is full of fun facts about the history of Swarovski crystals as well as numerous projects using these sparkly gems. There are so many applications covered and all different skill levels, even the new crystal clay.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Japanese Beadwork With Sonoko Nozue

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I've long admired the talented beadwork of Japanese beaders, but must admit I'm not as familiar with them by name as I am those from the US. But there is 1 name that will stick with me from now on, the talented Sonoko Nozue. The intricate details in her beadwork is awe inspiring. They are both delicate and complex at the same time. This wonderful Lark Crafts Master Series book covers projects suitable for both beginners and advanced beaders, something for everyone.