Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Collaborative piece in September Belle Armoire

Pin It Five of us that are all members of the Jewelry Haven yahoo group got together (virtually) to compose a necklace. We submitted it to Belle Armoire and it is published in the current issue of Belle Armoire. I coordinated the project, but everyone involved made charms of their own choosing to include in the piece. Interestingly enough, unbeknownst to one another the 5 of us each used a different media, which proved to add each person's individuality to the project. My contribution was the focal bead & hand torched lampwork leaves. I then took all the components and made sterling silver heart shaped links to attach them to.

Here's an excerpt from the issue:
Five Jewelry Haven members were inspired by Fall to create a collaborative necklace using various mediums. As the season unfolds with the myriad of colors, they have been inspired to capture the best of the season-the changing leaves - the landscape- the changes in our lives and the constancy of friendship.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Oxycon is working

Pin It So apparently the part I thought was missing from the oxycon is not a necessary part. I've been worrying for nothing. It would only be necessary if I were using the oxycon in a medical situation. Since I'm not, it's all good. Now just need to get DH to attach the hoses to the new torch & I'm in business. I tried to do it myself, but just don't have the strength to do it myself. Hopefully Sunday I'll be able to give it a try.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

got my new torch & oxycon!

Pin It Well, so I'm a bit impulsive ;-)! I sold out all my 90 COE glass & some fusing things that I had hopes of attempting, but never did & went & bought myself new toys. Well...new, used toys. I kept all my 104 COE glass though. I just didn't want or need to have 3 different COE's.

I bought a Knight Bullet Burner & an M20 oxygen concentrator. This is one big torch, let me tell you. I just didn't want to have to upgrade again. I received both of these this week. I drove to Connecticut to pick up the oxycon. I'm a bit bummed cause the oxycon is missing the O2 tube & connector so can't use it till I get replacement parts. The person I bought it from sold out her entire studio & is now not returning calls. Not too cool, if you ask me. Oh well, will just have to be a bit more patient, not my strongest virtue.