Friday, July 23, 2010

I NEED Airconditioning!!!

Pin It Not really,,,but the heat just got to me this week.

The other day, as some of you know, my car battery died just when I was leaving Marshall's. The all too familiar tick, tick tick when turning on the ignition alerted me to a problem. I called hubby to come get me, which he soon did with jumper cables in hand. We then proceeded to search for the battery under his hood, which was hiding for some reason. He has an old Jaguar. I kid you not! Neither of us were able to find it.

So off we went, back home (cause I didn't want to stay by myself in a dark parking lot after hours) to get my son's SUV and back to give my car a boost. We managed to get the car started that time.

Yesterday I decided to take a mental health day. I decided it was too nice a day to spend it at the garage so I torched instead. I had the best time & will post pics in a day or 2 of the new beads I made. A fellow lampworker generously posted a wonderful tutorial which I had lots of fun playing with.

So, today, hubby took me for a new battery, but of course the car needed some other things so we wound up leaving it there. Upon my return I called to make an appointment for some scans for my mom. Lo & behold, they had an opening today! Which was good & bad! Good, because I had a free day. Bad, because the only car at my disposal was my son's SUV & the airconditioning isn't working in that car. :-(

With temps nearing 90, high humidity and a BLACK truck no less, I headed out to get my mother. Just as we got there, we hit a downpour. I then realized that my mom's handicap sticker was in my car at the garage. Thankfully a volunteer was dropping someone off when we pulled up & she let me use it for my mother.

Several hours later, with the scans all done, I drove my mom home & then came home to collapse. I took the longest shower I could before the hot water ran out. I feel ALMOST human. I NEED airconditioning!

Monday, July 19, 2010

EtsyTwitter Shop of the Week - Crochetgal

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Crocheted Lace Butterfly Shawl, alpaca 
and silkETT's shop of the week is crochetgal who offers crocheted wearable art and specialty yarns, as well as display mannequins. Valerie, the crochet talent and proprietor, also sells handcrafted soap dishes made in her family's woodshop!

Valerie is the sole designer and creator of crochetgal's crocheted offerings. She crochets each item with meticulous detail and is equally committed to customer service. She is inspired by "almost anything" she says, "from an interesting piece of material to a shape to a color". Valerie loves the flexibility and change possible with her craft as she explores various methods in detail. She says, "Right now I'm in my 'exploded lace' period with the crochet and have been there for about 3 years, but I see that direction changing within the next 2 years."

Valerie takes her business very seriously by setting both short and long-term goals. Initially, she defined a 5-year plan to make the business 'work' and provide an income. Her next 2-year plan was to double the size of the business. Her current 2-year plan is to double the volume of each year's business over the previous year. "It's ambitious, but without a goal in mind, a business cannot flourish."

A great deal of energy is spent during the Winter shows. She spends her summer planning her strategy...and relaxing while she can! In her spare moments she likes to tweet. Her emphasis is to interact with other people using Twitter, rather than posting continuous links.

Life sized mannequin head with pierced 

crochetgal is celebrating
Christmas in July with
20% off all shawls
20% off a wide range of yarns,
(some yarns are net 65% off reg retail price!)
Etsy shop -
Confessions of a Yarnaholic Blog -
Twitter -

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

EtsyTwitter Shop of the Week: SmutopiaI

Pin It I had a great time perusing "Smu's" Etsy shop today. I love her beach themed jewelry in particular. Check out Jessica Smutek's etsy shop for more beautiful one of a kind creations. She likes to trade and take custom orders & she's offering a Super Summer free shipping sale! Good to know! :-)

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Are You Feeling Lucky?

Pin It I am! I just joined a new etsy team (new for me that is), EtsyTwitter and am very excited! It's a big, fun group made up of many talented etsyans. This week's Shop of the Week is SalonDArte. It's their 1 year anniversary and they are celebrating by offering Christmas in July specials all month long.