Saturday, December 10, 2011

Curious About Lampwork?

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But don't know where to start? Louise Mehaffey's book, "Glass Beads" is a wonderful beginner book on lampworking. The book starts out with the history of beads, which is very interesting from a glass maker's perspective. It's nice to know where our craft started with some examples of primitive glass beads. Interesting read!


~ The book covers the basics needed to set up a studio
~ Basic instructions on melting glass and making beads
~ Making stringers and twisties
~ Fun projects for beginner beads


~ Not really a con, just an observation...this book is geared with the beginner in mind. If you're a more advanced beadmaker, this book is not for you.
~ I was surprised that the author didn't address ventilation, which is imperative IMO when using fuel to melt glass.

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