Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Glass Color Testing

Pin It I did some color testing for CIM (Creation Is Messy) this week. Love the name of this glass! Makes me giggle! & I love the glass! It melts so smoothly, not runny like a lot of the other 104 COE glass. I was sent a bunch of different glass rods to test. With my upcoming surgery, I only had time to test a few but here are my results so far. Click on the links below to view beads made by other testers as well.

Unique Mermaid - Mermaid Unique base w/stripes of adamantium, over which I layed down psyche & gaia & then swirled them. It seems that the psyche spread out over the admentium completely covering it as it's hardly visible at all. & I was unable to get the DH colors to strike much. I also was a bit surprised to see the red in there on the left. I may have over heated it a bit. I also wanted to note that I really love this color, but it did boil a bit when 1st heated. Then if you heat it a bit more, it all melts in smoothly.

Unique Adamantium - adamantium unique w/DSP shards. I was dissappointed that the silk like quality was lost when melted. Then again, I also melted the shards in all the way so difficult to see the contrast. Adamantium just looks like a med. gray under the shards.

Unique Sepia - Sepia Unique w/DSP shards. It's interesting that the sepia on it's own as a base remained very close to the rod color, maybe a bit more gray whereas in the 2nd bead where it was used over stoneground, it took on more of a pale brown tone.

Unique Butter Pecan - the base I used was butter pecan unique with psyche & gaia over it. it was very hard to get the colors to strike so just looks kind of muddy. I tried to add a swipe of color to the top because it needed more glass there, but I picked up the adamentium by mistake which is why you see the gray, while the rest of the base looks more ivory.

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