Saturday, September 13, 2008


Pin It There are some parts of my life & my house that are organized & then there are others like my bead studio/basement that are almost beyond hope. But my friend told me about someone that she's had over to her house to help her organize & ever since I've the organization bug has bit me. OK, more like a little pinch, but it's something.

Her name is Cynthia Braun of Organize Your Life. She's hosting a mini workshop at her house that I'll be attending with my friend in 2 weeks. We'll get a tour of every room in her house & we'll be able to open closets, cabinets, etc. to see how she organizes her house. I'm really looking forward to going. I can't afford to have her come here to help me organize, at least not yet, but maybe I can get some pointers & be inspired to do something with the mess. Funny thing is that I'm finding things I had long forgotten I had & reordered. Well, maybe not so funny actually.


binaryman said...

How was the organizing workshop? Was it helpful. I am interested in attending one but don't know if it is worth the money.

Lea Avroch said...

I got a lot out of it. while I wish I could afford to afford to hire someone to come in & organize my space for me, it was very helpful to get tips & see how she implemented her ideas in her own house. Now, the trick is is to take those ideas & USE them. lol!