Thursday, September 18, 2008

Organization continued.....

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I've been trying hard to devote SOME time every day to organizing my work area. I have tons of seedbeads & crystals, not to mention semi-precious stones, sterling silver, findings, etc. So, in searching for that perfect cabinet to put some of the stuff in, I found this great wood CD shelving unit at best buy. And it's on sale for $89.99! BTW, I'm not affiliated with best buy in any way. It's just the perfect size for my needs & if you do a google search you might be able to find a coupon like I did. Mine was a $10 coupon toward my next purchase. Love it! OK, gotta get back to my organizing!

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Jewels By Helen said...

Would love to see your self when you are finished? If just had some shelfs made and will be using jars to organize my beads and findings.