Saturday, January 26, 2013

Can I gush a little??

Pin It I submitted a photo of my work to The Flow, a prestigious glass magazine, for inclusion into their Winter 2012 Women in Glass issue. I've known for some time now that I was accepted, but was not allowed to mention it until the issue came out. Well, several people received theirs weeks ago, but having waited this long I decided that I would wait for my own copy so I could see it with my own eyes. It came today!! Here it is on page 6! It's the center bead on the bottom left, #7. I feel blessed to be included in an issue with such huge talents, so many of whom are my personal friends! Girl power!! :-)


A Half-Baked Notion said...

Wow, Lea... I know it's difficult to take "photos of photos", but it looks like you are in great company there. Congrats!

Roxanne Napolitano said...

Lea, What a WONDERFUL affirmation for you!! We all know how incredibly talented you are - but when you're published in such an excellent publication?!? That HAS to feel wonderful! Good for you, darlin' - I hope you're feeling better tonight!

I'm going to check through the auctions to see how badly I've been outbid :-P

Take care & STAND TALL!! VERY proud to "know" you!

Roxanne Napolitano said...
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Lea Avroch said...

AW! thanks so much! It's really a sweet feeling!