Sunday, December 30, 2012

Review: Kalmbach's Easy Crystal Stitching by Nikia Angel

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I had the pleasure (and I DO mean PLEASURE!) of reading Nikia Angel's new book, "Easy Crystal Stitching" published by Kalmbach. I'm all about bling and this book is chock full of it. It's hard to imagine, but all the projects are based on Nikia's Sparkly Wheel or a derivative there of. It's amazing that a single component can have so many different looks. It really encourages people to think outside the box.

And here's my version. I added a peyote bail so it can be work as a pendant. Pretty pleased. :-)


AliMc said...

Very pretty! Another book for the wish list :)

Janet Bocciardi said...

Love Nikia's designs and this book looks like fun.

You're the winner of one of my copies of Jean Power's books from my blog!! Congratulations! If you'll send me your snail mail address I'll get your copy in the mail. Have fun with it.

nangel9 said...

Thank you! I'm so glad you've enjoyed it!