Thursday, August 23, 2012

What To Do When You Can't Go To Beadfest...

Pin It This past weekend was the weekend that many of my friends went to Beadfest in Philadelphia. Sadly, I wasn't among them. :( I found myself moping around, looking at photos on facebook of all the smiling faces that were there having a blast....but not I! :(

I went to check out my favorite facebook groups to see what people were up to, Creative Bead Chat being one of them. Lo & behold, one of the admins was home as well & was hosting a full day's giveaways donated by group members. I quickly contacted Marla & donated a prize as well. I tell ya, Marla James missed her calling. If this ceramics thing doesn't work out....yeah right! ;-) She really outta become an auctioneer. She started out slow, putting up new giveaways every hour. Then it was every 1/2 hour & before long we were down to new giveaways every 15 minutes. We laughed till we cried. Even though I didn't win anything, it was SO much fun! I had tears rolling down my face reading some of the posts.

A great big thank you to Marla James for making the day so fun for us! She's such a sweetheart and what a talent! She makes beautiful ceramic beads and pendants. I'm fortunate to own 1 of her creations. This lovely pendant with the adorable heart shaped loop. Please check out her links below to see more of her beautiful work.



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Marlene Cupo said...

You are both in that "OH SO SPECIAL" Catagory!