Tuesday, July 24, 2012

1,500 Fan Giveaway!

Pin It No, I am NOT giving away 1,500 fans!! Now, that would be silly of me, no? I am CELEBRATING the fact that I have 1,500 + fans on my facebook page! Seems like only yesterday I was celebrating 1,000. :) Rather than having people jump through hoops for this giveaway, I decided to give away a bead of my choice to 1 lucky winner on my facebook fan page. I used a random name generator, which came up with the name Lila. I have 2 fans named Lila, so I tossed a coin & Lila Guenther won! Here's what's on it's way to Lila's mailbox as we speak.


Ashlee Christopher said...

What a cute blog! So excited I found it!!


Lori Anderson said...

Love! And I hope you visit my blog tomorrow to see what I made with your beads!

Lea Avroch said...

You know it Lori!