Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cup of Bead Soup Results

Pin It I was invited by Lori Anderson to make lampwork beads for her Cup Of Bead Soup. I was to make a large focal for 4 participants who would then create something using the bead. I toyed with different ideas for the bead, knowing I wanted it to be something really special for the talented jewelry artists participating. I finally settled on a large encased lentil, approximately 1.25", made with a high silver content that creates all sorts of lovely reactions. I added a murrini on each side for added interest. Here's the bead to refresh your memory.

I've been waiting (somewhat) patiently since making the bead for the day of the big reveal to come and that day is here!!

My 1st visit was to Lori's blog.  Is there nothing that Lori can't do & do well?? She came up with this unique pendant using tiny gemstones that she wire wrapped. her generosity holds no bounds. She also posted a mini tute on her she went about wire wrapping them. I think I may have to give this a try myself one of these days.

My next stop was at Marlene Cupo's blog to see what she created. I was floored! Amazingly, she was able to interpret what I created out of glass into polymer clay beads that were almost identical to the focal bead. She had asked me for an explanation on how I made the 'flowers' for the bead. You can read her post to see what I said & see her unbelievably gorgeous necklace.

Next stop on the Cup of Bead Soup train was a visit to Sonya Ingersoll-Stille's blog.
Sonya started out with 1 idea and then scrapped it for a different seed bead creation using a stitch that she tried for the 1st time. Check out her blog to see them both. I personally loved the spiral too, but have to agree that the end result was perfect, down to the beaded toggle closure to match.

Last, but certainly not least, was Shaiha's creation, which was another unique idea. She created not one, but TWO bracelets that can be worn separately or together. What a brilliant idea! And I just love the clasp she used!

This has been such a fun and inspiring challenge! I bow down to these fabulous jewelry artisans and their amazing creations! I hope you'll stop by their blogs to read about the experience from their perspective.

Lori of Pretty Things

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Marlene Cupo said...

Thanks again for the honor of working with your beautiful creation. Til next time!

Shaiha said...

Your bead was so gorgeous that it could not help but to inspire us.

Lori Anderson said...

It's absolutely amazing to me to see how different four people can work up something with the same bead!

Thank you for your contribution and boosting our creativity!

Marian Hertzog said...

Lea that bead is gorgeous! I think they all did amazing designs!

Debbie said...

Beautiful Bead and great designs! thanks for sharing