Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why is that pendant so expensive?

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This is borrowed from a fellow lampworker who posted on facebook in response to a question so many of us are asked every day. While most of my customers are wonderful and appreciative of the time, talent and cost of doing business for an artisan, there will always be those that ask the question, or THINK the question. This question really applies to any artist creating handmade art. The bead pictured is not the one in question. Just 1 that I'm particularly fond of. :) "Why is that pendant so expensive?" Well, let's see. I made it using an $800 torch, and then annealed it, so it will last as close to forever as possible, in an $800 kiln. I've been doing this for ten years, so that's hundreds of hours of practice and I've taken classes that cost hundreds of dollars. The tools I use cost money, and so does the glass, the gas, the oxygen and the clean-up. The pendant is set with sterling silver, which has gone up 500% since I started doing this. At $40, I promise you that pendant is a BARGAIN.

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