Monday, February 13, 2012

Right-Angle Weave Stitch Workshop

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Right Angle Weave 

I've been a subscriber of Bead & Button magazine for over 10 years, loving all the beautiful projects. However, right angle weave is probably one of my most challenging stitches. So I was looking forward to reviewing this book and trying out some of the patterns. I flipped through the pages and earmarked just about all of them to try. Shock, I know! lol! This book is chock full of beautiful projects from the beginner to the more advanced. I decided to try the Crystal Ribbon pattern. This is a photo of the one in the book.
Crystal Ribbon 

I made a few changes to it to make it more personal. Here's my version, without the longer ovals.
All in all, I find this book to be a wonderful compilation of RAW (right-angle weave) projects for those wanting to tackle all sorts of projects. The only down side is that I personally would've liked to see more 2-needle RAW projects. I prefer it over 1-needle, but that's just me.

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