Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bead Soup Blog Party!

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YAY me! I finally remembered to apply to participate in the Bead Soup Blog Party this time around run by Lori Anderson. It's a fun event where artisans are assigned random partners. Each person then selects a focal bead, a special clasp & a collection of other fun beads to send, from which each person will then create a fun necklace, bracelet or anything else their creative minds can come up with.

My bead soup partner is Kristie of Artisan Clay on Etsy. She's a potter & creates such fun designs! I love her work & can't wait to see what she sends. And, no, the beads in the bowl are not what I'm sending. That remains a secret until they're out the door. :-)


Lori Anderson said...

Hand over that bowl of beads and nobody gets hurt!

Lea Avroch said...


Meggie said...

this looks like a fun assortment of beads!

Lea Avroch said...

Thanks Meggie! These are not the beads I'm sending. I have some lampwork beads made already & have to find some more special components to send. :)