Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Torch Envy

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Every lampworker and glass blower out there understands this phenomenon. Well, I got an e-mail today to say that my brand new torch has shipped! A Scorpion! YAY!! This is the newest torch made by GTT. It has the standard 5 inner jets of the Cricket and an additional 8 outer jets and is supposed to work great on concentrators. I can't wait to fire it up!

Here's a photo of the torch I started on, a Nortel Minor. I was so excited (and a wee bit scared) when I got it after taking a lampwork class. I was so afraid to fire it up, but boy how I loved it! Sorry for the stock photo, but I no longer have a photo of it.

 I then advanced to a Knight Bullet Burner, which I bought after taking a boro class. I thoroughly enjoyed the class & seeing all the color variations I can get from the various glass rods, those wonderful hazy, smoky yet bright colors & knew that my minor would take forever trying to melt the glass.

Please excuse the messy workspace, but that's how it normally looks, actually not too bad. ;-) I've loved the heat & power of this "Big Girl Torch", but have been somewhat frustrated at times that I haven't been able to attain the beautiful colors out of boro at times that I feel I should. Mainly because instead of using tanked oxygen I use 2 concentrators. But that's supposed to be the Scorpion's forte. So I will be stalking the mailman till that torch gets here. Stay tuned for (hopefully) some wonderful boro beads from me. :-)

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