Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday's Treasures - Shes Batty

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Just to clear things up, Shes Batty is a shop name, not a reflection on today's guest artisan. ;-)

Jamie Sabot
is the artist behind Shes Batty. Jamie actually has 2 shops on etsy, ShesBattyDesigns, where she sells eco-friendly, unique handmade greeting cards and adorable accessories and BattysBath for handmade bath and body products.

Let's get to know Jamie a little bit....

1) What role does your family play in your art?
My family is very supportive of my passion for creativity. They support me by being my cheerleaders, my sales reps, and my "word of mouth marketing team".. all without me asking them to! They just do it because they know how much it means to me to be a thriving non-starving artist!

2) Where do you live and what is it like?
I live in London, Ontario, Canada but am originally from a small town about 45 minutes away from London. London is big enough to have everything you need without being too big that you feel like you can't easily escape to the country. I love that there are a lot of things within walking distance from where we live and the city has two off leash dog parks that we take our 3 dogs to when we can. Ultimately I would like to live in the country but I think I would miss the convenience of being in town.

3) Where did you learn to craft or are you self taught?
Most of my skills are self taught. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to my creative expression so I've spend hours upon hours in each medium I practice regularly (soap making, paper, sculpture, photography). I've also studied Fine Arts at college and university.

4) Where do you receive your inspiration, in general?
A lot of my inspiration for my bath and body products comes from my love of food! All the sweet scents that I make are usually concocted when I'm hungry lol! Inspiration for my other mediums, particularly paper, comes from just about anywhere!

5)What is the best piece of advice you can give other artists?
Do what you love and don't fight with a medium that you just can't seem to "find yourself in". Also, plan ahead for the holiday season so you don't get burnt out! I made that mistake last year and plan to start building up stock in July and August this year

6) If you won a thousand dollar craft shopping spree, what would you spend it on?
After stocking up on all the cardstock I'll need for the holiday season (for my Christmas card designs), I'd go crazy ordering every fragrance oil and flavor oil known to man! I'd also stock up on packaging (jars and bottles) and labels.

Here are links to where you can find some of Jamie's products:

ShesBattyDesigns on Etsy

BattysBath on Etsy


She's Batty Designs said...

Thank you so much for the lovely feature! It looks great :)

VividColors said...

Love that yellow cup card! So sweet! :)

PaperFlora2 said...

thanks for the post. I've always loved She's Batty it's nice to know a little more about her.

now following your blog- check mine out when you have a chance.