Saturday, January 30, 2010

Now I'm sick! :(

Pin It I woke up during the night, night before last FREEZING, with the chills, bad sore throat and my skin hurting even. I put on sweats, got back under the covers, where I was still freezing. I tossed & turned most of the night, so it was no surprise when I got out of bed, I had a low grade fever.

I called the doctor's office & they said I needed to be seen. With hubby sick, I had no choice but to drive myself. They did a cardiogram, chest x-ray, blood work up and a throat culture. The cardiogram and chest x-ray were negative. I should have the results of the blood & throat culture by Tuesday.

And of course we had no food in the house so I had no choice but to go out in this frigid cold with temps in the teens. No more leaving the house for me though until Monday when we head back to the doctor. Time for another nap.


Dee said...

oh Leah, hope you're feeling better's no fun being sick, especially when you have to take care of yourself!...stay warm and get some rest.

JanelDudleyBeads said...

Oh no Lea! I hope you too are ok and get well quick! Hugs

Lea Avroch said...

feeling a bit better today. just sucks not having someone to take care of ME. I still have to take care of DH. He's really bad. Am still debating taking him to the hospital, but he insists on waiting till tomorrow when he's scheduled to see the pulmonologist.