Sunday, July 19, 2009


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OK, so I'm not one of those people that ONLY dresses in purple, but it is one of my favorite colors, along with teal, turquoise, lime green and olive green. I've been needing a new laptop for quite awhile now. My desktop is approaching 9 years (hate to think how many that is in human you think it's like dogs??) and has been on it's last leg for some time now. I never had a DVD drive and my CD & A drives don't work. I found this out when I attempted to delete some programs & reinstall them due to virtual memory issues, only to see that the CD drive, or was it driver?? had big scary yellow notes next to it.

If you haven't noticed yet, I'm not great with computer terminology. I can work a computer without a problem, but that's about it. So, even though we really can't afford it right now, there wasn't much choice due to it's pending doom. So, DH finally ordered me a new one tonight.......and, it's PURPLE!!! Black was the free color, but for $40 more, DH treated me. Isn't he the best???.

It's made by Dell. It's the Studio 15 model. It's supposed to be the most lightweight of their laptops, which is important for me with my neck issues. We lucked out too. We had gotten a promo pamphlet in the mail from Dell earlier in the week and we saved over $100 & free shipping with the promotion so he decided to treat me. OK, so I had to beg before he agree, but he DID agree in the end. :)

Now I just need to keep my fingers crossed that the PC lasts another 2 weeks till the laptop is delivered.

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