Thursday, May 28, 2009

ArtFire's $12/Month For Life Offer!!!

Pin It I've been a member of ArtFire since January. I have seen such growth from this young site. They have great support. Have a problem or question? Chances are you'll get a response from a real live person @ ArtFire.

So for a brief period of time, they're offering membership for $12/month FOR LIFE guaranteed! And, as if that's not enough, if you refer at least 12 new members through your personal link, then you'll get FREE MEMBERSHIP for yourself & 1 friend. How awesome is that?!??

For those of you that have websites that are just sitting there, check out ArtFire's new Fusion Studios. Each shop owner can customize their look, whether it's to match to their own site or just to have a look that is a reflection of their personal style. I am SO IMPRESSED with how much AF has done in so little time!

What is Art Fire?
Art Fire is a handmade marketplace that works for you. You can sell anything handmade items assembled by you, handmade art, fine art, crafts and collectibles. Supplies and vintage items that support handmade artists needs. Design and media items which the member/designer actively participated in the creative process.

Do your products fit the description above?

With that price, you'll get:
  • Unlimited listing for your store. You can list as many products as you'd like for $12/month and there are no listing fees! Imagine how much money you can save!
  • Free membership for those content with just listing 10 items.
  • Up to 10 photos/listing for Verified Members. This is extremely useful for those with high detail products.
  • Virtually unlimited place for tagging. The CEO even encouraged us to tag our products with as many related words we can think of. This will help the internet spider find your product on search.
  • ArtFire will submit your products to Google Base and we also get statistics that you can view on your ArtFire page and further detailed statistic on Goggle Analytics.
  • Their Rapid Cart is doubled as a Shop Window and Cash Register.
  • A Personalized Fusion Studio. Big banner, customized theme and colors, add html, videos, and many more to your studio. This is something other handmade venues do not offer.
  • And many more!
Most of all, ArtFire still has their Free For Life program going on! Get 10 sign ups to get your free account for life!

So don't pass up this good deal and Register on ArtFire for $12/month now.

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