Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Oh Gosh!

Pin It I'm so bad about keeping up on this blog. I don't know what it is. I guess not enough hours in the day or something. The summer has been crazy busy. Hubby & I went to Europe with my sister & BIL for almost 2 weeks to celebrate our anniversaries. It was so much fun!

I came home, had 1 day to do laundry & then headed down south to a lampwork retreat with a friend in Georgia. It was so much fun & the ladies couldn't be nicer. I'm friends with one of them & know another from an online lampwork group, but had never met the last 2 ladies. They were all so sweet. We became fast friends in no time. What a great bunch. I don't know which part of my vacation was better, Europe or the lampwork retreat. And I'm only half joking! ;-)

I'm off again on Wednesday to beadfest Philly. I'm taking a 2 day boro class in a technique that I've been dying to learn for some time now. I'm really looking forward to it. And then I want to come home & practice what I've learned & just veg if you KWIM ;-).

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