Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Adult Ed class

Pin It My adult ed class started last week. It's a big class! I had asked them to cut off registration at 10 people since I'm teaching on my own, but at last count we're up to 12. I was a bit unnerved by the size of the class & was concerned how I was going to be able to give everyone my attention, but the 1st class seemed to run pretty smoothly since several of them were in my class before. My biggest challenge is being heard. I have a soft voice & it's a chatty bunch ;-), but that's what makes it fun. We even finished a bit early. It's hard to gauge the timing of the class.

The projects that I chose for last sessions' classes were a bit challenging for people that had never beaded so I decided to start with a simple stringing project. We made bracelets strung on beading wire with gemstones & crystals. The bracelets came out beautiful & everyone appeared to be enjoying themselves. It was gratifying to see at least 4 people from last session that had signed up for this session. I guess they liked it ;-)!

I'm still working on this coming week's project. The consensus was that they had wanted to make knotted silk cord lariats. These are actually a bit more challenging than one might think for beginners. They're somewhat freeform so although that sounds like it would be easier, it really isn't. I have to check my stock anyway. I'm not sure I have all the materials on hand for it.

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