Monday, November 06, 2006

Dale Chihuly at NY Botanical Gardens

Pin It Being a lampwork artist, I had what is tantimount to a religious experience last week when I went to see Dale Chihuly's magnificent glass exhibit at the NY Botanical Gardens. I was like a child in a candy store unable to get enough. Well, there was plenty to go around. The first piece I came upon at the entrance to the conservatory was the Rose Crystal Tower in the photo to the right.

Another tower is the centerpiece of the indoor pool composed of blue &
yellow swirls of glass in the next photo.

Enmeshed within the indoor garden are
examples of Chihuly's Ikebanas. These were
inspired by the Japanese art of flower

One of several in his
Chandelier line, this

spectular piece looms above as you walk through the conservatory. The glass is so thin as to be
almost translucent.

Another one of his chandeliers is this majestic gold one,
very breathtaking and regal looking. With glass this
bright and brilliant looki
ng, who needs real light?

This is one of 2 boats in one of the outdoor ponds that are
filled with Chihuly's Wal
la Wallas, aptly named after the
namesakes and live lotus flowers. The colors are even
vibrant in person.

These purple reeds, green grass sculptures and large round
glass shapes line one wall
of the courtyard outside the

This other boat with glass sculptures resembling a fall harvest is situated in the second pond filled with heartier plants.

Another spectacular outdoor sculpture is this
one, titled,
"The Sun". It is composed of over

1,000 pieces of hand-blown glass!

Chihully's installation in the Rose Garden is a
"garden of glass".

These final sculptures are the "Macchia Forest". Macchia, Italian for spotted, is unique in that there is a layer of white opaque glass that separates the complex interior and exterior
color patterns.

I also have some photos of the magnificent
flowers that are still in bloom
at the
NY Botanical Gardens.
I hope to upload some of those photos in the next few days

It was really a spectacular day. If you have an

opportunity to view any of his exhibits, I strongly
urge you to go.


- have to go bead now! said...

thank you so much for posting these wonderful pictures! Breathtaking and inspiring!

Lea Avroch said...

As nice as the photos may have come out, seeing it in person is really breathtaking! His work gives new meaning to the word awesome.

Snowrose said...

I'm so glad you had the chance to see Chihuly's work! Isn't is breathtaking?!!! It's beyond spectacular! You obviously have incredible talent for taking pictures! Right angles and all! I also had the chance to see your work... it's gorgeous! Keep it up!